Life’s Sweeter Side Luxury Bakery – Chicago, IL

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I first met Abby Zukowski, owner of Life’s Sweeter Side Bakery while judging chocolate dishes at the AIDS foundation of Chicago’s annual World of Chocolate gala. Though I tried many wonderful desserts, their chocolate cake was the best in my book. Rich, moist, and chocolatey, it was definitely one of the best I’ve tasted in quite some time. Founded in 2012, Life’s Sweeter Side bakes up innovative, delicious treats for every occasion, and they even offer their own singing cupcake, Cupid, to deliver them to you or your loved ones. I recently had a chance to preview some of their Valentine’s day creations and here are some of my favorites.

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Chocolate bomb with strawberry marshmallow filling
The smooth dark chocolate filled with a light and airy strawberry marshmallow! The filling was a mystery to me until I broke through the chocolate shell, and this one was my favorite!

lifes_sweeter_side4_valentinesday-copyright2012-2015_38 copy

lifes_sweeter_side5_valentinesday-copyright2012-2015_38 copy

Double chocolate chip cupcake with dark chocolate buttercream frosting
This one is perfect for the chocolate lover! Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate! The chocolate buttercream was extremely smooth and rich, I was expecting some grittyness but there was absolutely none. Wonderful cupcake.

lifes_sweeter_side1-copyright2012-2015_38 copy

lifes_sweeter_side2_valentinesday-copyright2012-2015_38 copy

Chocolate candies
Colorful hand made heart-shaped chocolates with rich centers. I tried a sampling of different fillings but the fruit filled and buttery caramel were my favorites!

lifes_sweeter_side3_valentinesday-copyright2012-2015_38 copy

lifes_sweeter_side11_valentinesday-copyright2012-2015_38 copy

lifes_sweeter_side10_valentinesday-copyright2012-2015_38 copy

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