An AirBnb Experience at Rolling Hilltop Way in Williamsburg, Michigan

AirBnb Condo14_acookscanvas-copyright2012-2017_88

While living in Europe, Jason and I traveled around a lot and always opted to rent apartments on Airbnb rather than hotel rooms to better experience a slice of local life. Some of the apartments we’ve stayed in were quite basic when we were on a tight budget, but most often we would choose something really nice knowing we were still spending less than we would have on even a modest hotel room.  In Paris we rented a tiny but cozy flat in the city’s narrowest building; in Rome, we had a gorgeous, sunny 15th-century apartment with timbered ceilings; in Strasbourg, we had a roomy one bedroom with a terrace just outside the city center.

Now that we are back in the states we still use Airbnb to book apartments when we travel, and my friends at Airbnb asked if I would like to write about my most recent stay. Last month we stayed a few days in Traverse City and booked a condo that we’ve rented previously, one that feels so much more like a home than a rental with charming seaside decor and a fully furnished kitchen including coffee, teas, spices and all the little things which are easily forgotten. The terrace overlooks a golf course and it even has a smart tv for those who need their Netflix fix in the evening.
AirBnb Condo15_acookscanvas-copyright2012-2017_88
AirBnb Condo13_acookscanvas-copyright2012-2017_88
AirBnb Condo12_acookscanvas-copyright2012-2017_88
AirBnb Condo17_acookscanvas-copyright2012-2017_88

AirBnb Condo16_acookscanvas-copyright2012-2017_88
AirBnb Condo1_acookscanvas-copyright2012-2017_88Our host, Alexis provides a list of recommendations for sightseeing, local restaurants, wineries, and breweries with insights into what might interest us in particular. We spent the day driving up the peninsula to visit a lighthouse; on our way back we stopped at a few wineries and snapped photos along the shoreline. In the evening we dined at The Franklin for local beers and craft cocktails before heading back to the condo for some rest before starting another day of exploring.
AirBnb Condo11.1_acookscanvas-copyright2012-2017_88 copy
AirBnb Condo10_acookscanvas-copyright2012-2017_88
AirBnb Condo18_acookscanvas-copyright2012-2017_88
AirBnb Condo2_acookscanvas-copyright2012-2017_88
AirBnb Condo4.2_acookscanvas-copyright2012-2017_88
AirBnb Condo5.2_acookscanvas-copyright2012-2017_88
AirBnb Condo7_acookscanvas-copyright2012-2017_88
AirBnb Condo6_acookscanvas-copyright2012-2017_88

We always have a nice time at Alexis’s place and are already planning another short trip later in the fall. This time we will be picking apples, shooting fall colors, and look forward to a cozy evening enjoying a bottle of red wine in front of the fireplace.

You can book your next stay in Traverse City with Alexis here.

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