A tropical breeze

Tropical Breeze DrinkI’m surrounded by a sea of turquoise water, the sparkling bluish green revealing gem-like corals and a parade of colorful fish darting about only inches beneath the shimmering surface. Some even surface for a gulp of air. As I wander along a deserted stretch of white sands, I notice there are no ships in sight; I scan the horizon and not a single white mast, just crystal blue waters set afire by the intense tropical sun.


I sit with my feet buried in the cool sand that lies beneath the hot surface. The warm breeze is perfumed by tropical flowers and I begin to drift off to sleep to a chorus of waves breaking on the sandy shore. This is the most tranquil place I can imagine.


rum2_copyright2012-2013The icy cold drink next to me sweats in the heat, a combination of pineapple nectar and coconut cream, made strong with dark island rum. Beads of water are dripping down my hand as a take a sip. It is then that I open my eyes. The tropical vacation will have to wait, but the refreshing cocktail is only moments away. Close your eyes as you take the first sip.



Tropical Breeze (Cocktail)

2 ozs pineapple juice
1 T. cream of coconut
2 ozs spiced rum (I like to use Kraken or Captain Morgan Private Reserve, but white rum will do
8 ice cubes

Fill a tumbler with 4 ice cubes. Add rum, pineapple juice, coconut cream, and stir. Add another 4 ice cubes and garnish with a pineapple slice or skip the fruit and enjoy.

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