Herradura Tequilas


I rarely pass up an offer to test premium spirits, and when asked if I’d like to try Herradura Tequilas I jumped at the chance. Founded in 1870, Casa Herradura is the world’s only remaining tequila producing hacienda, still harvesting agave by hand and estate bottling each batch using the same traditional methods they began with almost 150 years ago.



I visited the website to read through the history of the brand and the intricate production process as I waited for the package to arrive. Most interesting to me is the open fermentation process, which occurs without interference relying on naturally produced wild yeasts that are unique to the valley, lending subtle variation, complex character, and an incredibly smooth taste that industrialized fermentation can’t match.

Herradura Blanco
Aged 45 days, this white tequila is great for mixing but with a touch of sweet agave, warm vanilla, and surprisingly smooth woody notes, its a shame not to sip is neat. Surprisingly smooth sipping, it has a clean finish with a hint of oak.







Herradura Blanco with pineapple, red jalapeño and marash pepper
Makes two cocktails

4 oz Herradura Blanco tequila
1/2 cup lime juice (5-6 small limes)
1/2 cup pineapple juice plus three slices of pineapple
1 tsp agave syrup
1 red jalapeño thinly sliced

Slice the red jalapeño and set aside. In a large mixing glass, muddle two slices of pineapple, add lime juice, pineapple juice, agave syrup and stir. Wet rim of each glass with pineapple juice and dip into pepper flakes. I chose marash red pepper flakes (Turkish crushed peppers) for its depth of flavor and mild heat. Pour the cocktail into each glass and enjoy!


Herradura Reposado
(pictured right)

Warm and tinged with spices and fruit, cooking the agave gives it a buttery sweetness. Aged 11 months in American white oak barrels, this luscious tequila has a structured woody character and incredible smoothness.

During our time in Germany we learned a new twist on the old practice of shooting tequila; instead of trying to kill the harsh taste of cheap tequila with the sharpness of salt and lime, a wedge of sweet ripe orange dressed with a dash of cinnamon serve to enhance the qualities of a good tequila and prolong the experience. Though this combination may sound off-putting and will likely raise a few eyebrows, you might impress a few friends or even make some new ones.

Herradura Reposado with orange wedges and cinnamon
one serving

3 oz. of Herradura Reposado
Wedges of sweet orange
Dash of cinnamon

Nothing more to say about this drink except cheers! (or PROST! to our friends in Germany!)

Herradura Añejo
(pictured left)

Intense flavors of cooked agave, hints of dried cherries, figs, cooked pears, and fresh cream. The Añejo has a beautiful dark amber hue thanks to spending two years in toasted oak barrels giving it a bold, woody character and a smooth but spicy finish. Simply too intricate to mix with anything, I enjoyed it by itself. A stellar sip like this calls for equally stellar drinkware so I poured it at room temperature into Peugeot’s modern take on a connoisseur’s nosing glass, which sets atop a frozen metal chilling base. Bringing the temperature down about 10 degrees further smooths the flavors, then I enjoyed it with a bit of dark chocolate. Enjoy!

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