Lion’s Mane Mushroom Bourguignon (Windy City Mushrooms Series)

Lion’s mane mushrooms have a dense, meaty texture similar to stewed beef and easily take on the flavors of this recipe; the result is familiar in its decadence but avoids the heaviness that often follows consuming red meat. Smoked bacon and beef broth provide ample meaty flavors while enriching the silky herbed sauce of aromatic […]

Elm Oyster and Chestnut Mushroom Tartine (Windy City Mushroom Series)

Tartine is the French term for “open-face sandwich,” basically what we call ‘toast’ here in America. Europeans enjoy tartines for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with many options for creating delicious and intriguing combinations; this flexibility inspired my first recipe with Windy City Mushrooms, an elm oyster and chestnut mushroom tartine with Brie and pickled vegetables.  […]